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Image Hunter photographer! Ferlandphoto is defined by its unique photographic art that is not limited to a single click, or any stereotypes. In the heat of the moment they dare to go beyond the limits. They pursue the images that come to them and seize it with finesse, creativity, but above all with passion. Ferlandphoto is proud to present its masterpieces but mostly to make you live the experience ‘image hunters’.

Our business gave us time to travel around the world, and here we share with you our passion for photography. These, for the most part, were taken during our various trips and we invite you to travel and take a promenade with us. These images were taken over the last ten years, which can move from photographic experiments with macro lens at home with insects. Or landscape business or pure leisure.

Now it’s your turn to browse our pictures in our Images database and make your own discoveries. If you wish to obtain a heart stroke. One that will match the decor of your home, your corporate space or special projects such as your website, advertising, promotional campaign … It is possible to buy them without the watermark that was added to it, and in very high resolution . To do this, simply select the desired image and add it to your shopping cart. Items in digital format will be send by email and the printed ones by mail.

Here you can see our different sizes and prices here.


16;9 72 dpi 10,00$
Other sizes available on special order

Digital formats in very high resolution available. Contact us for more information.

The prices below are for personal use. For commercial use please contact us to make a request.


Printed 8×10 50,00$
Printed 10×12 60,00$
Printed 11×14 80,00$
Printed 16×20 170,00$
Printed 20×24 230,00$
Printed 24×36 295,00$
Printed 30×40 330,00$
Other sizes available on special order

Please note that prints are hardened so you can view them without having to put a front glass, which will prevent glare. The prices below are for personal use. For commercial use please contact us to make a request.