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45 minutes and you’ll never want to leave! We have a large studio for a photo session with your family, alone or in pairs. You bring your beautiful personality and some personal items and we will do the rest. A head full of ideas, we have the imagination to make you smile! Yes, you’re beautiful when you smile!

Be a professional mean living from his art and of course to have quality equipment. To make sure we have the best rendering we use canon digital bodies full 35mm sensor, and for contracts that require very high resolution we opted for the Mamiya 645DF 33mgpx.

Everything needed to give you the maximum quality!


What is the main difference between our team of image hunters and other photographers? At Ferlandphoto, we work with a maximum of spontaneity to capture all the little moments of the day. As we have already explained, our photos do not only recall a memory, but tell the whole day. We try to take as many unpublished photos that will make you relive the day. We can think of a dog that steals the bouquet of the bride, in a burst of laughter from one of the family members, a full grip of the room with all the guests together or a lover moment between two people.

Photographers, image hunters together since several years, both photo enthusiasts, Michel Ferland and Yannick Mitchell will assist you during your event. Friend and partner, these two photographers will offer you a portfolio of incredible quality, unique and at their image.

Behind every man there is a woman and that woman is named Lyne Cuillerier, Michel’s partner and wife. Go-getter, determined, hardworking and passionate, she held the position of Business Development Manager: meets with clients, solicits business and visit fairs such as the wedding salon of Montreal.

And what to say about Poca, Joveg et Caro! … Real pearls! A class apart! Our two photographers, Pocas aka Isabel Beaucage and Joveg aka Josée Leclerc, two photographers filled with passion and talent. They will put you at ease within minutes. And Caro, our pro graphics, always cheerful! She’s our trusted person regarding the planning, procedures and all related tasks. Ferlandphoto’s team is solid, casual and passionate about its job.

Ferlandphoto’s team is strong, relaxed and passionate about its art. A meeting with us, and you will truly understand the meaning of the profession image hunters.


We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your photo session a memorable one.

Michel Ferland

Michel Ferland

Owner, image hunter
Yannick Mitchell

Yannick Mitchell

Owner, image hunter
Lyne Cuillerier

Lyne Cuillerier

Owner, director of Business Development


A huge thank you to your entire team for all the work you’ve put on our wedding photos which are amazing !!! It’s eye candy: D A special thank you to Yannick Mitchell and Melina for this day that will be engraved in our memory forever.

You were fantastic !!!

Congratulations to ferlandphoto !!! A great team who makes crazy photos!!! We are so happy that we selected you for this special day. You knew how to be discreet and invisible while capturing the emotion in each photo as you’ve made ​​this day immortal! We relive the day through our photos and still get shivers whenever we look at them! Thank you to you and your team (Yannick and Genevieve) !!!

You deserve a BIG 10/10

Hi Michel

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for your excellent work, you and Yannic, but especially to you Michel as it is with you that I worked all day. Thanks to you, I felt beautiful and important throughout this magnificent day. I would not change anything, except that there would be, on every table, an industrial quantity of your business cards. For those who attended may know you and in turn have the opportunity to have you as a photographer, at least once in their lives.

Thank you very much!!!! Go on, a thousand years!!

Nathalie xxx

Hello to both of you. Just a little word, for pure pleasure, I just discovered your web site. Simply delicious. The images are of sweetness. Rich complicity. Moments of tenderness. And briskly the natural light that you have known to capture with your artist’s eyes.

Just a quick note to say thank you for sharing these images.

Well done.